As someone who loves all things green and verdant, coming to terms with the fact that I’m not a natural gardener has been a tough reality to face.

Admitting my inability to care for plants was tough, but I’ve found solace in the fact that there are species I can’t very easily kill with my black thumb.

So, fellow accidental garden murderers out there: This roundup of no-fuss plants is for you.


1. Jade Plants

A symbol of good luck, this easy-to-grow plant is known for its impressive lifespan. My boyfriend’s mother recently gave us a sprout of her 30-year-old jade plant and it’s been a total breeze to grow! I’m particularly fond of the plant’s waxy-smooth leaves and simple aesthetic.

Keep it… In a sunny space.

Water it… when the soil is just dry to the touch.

easiest plants

2. Bromeliads

Did you know the beloved pineapple is a member of this low-maintenance plant family? It’s true! If you’re looking for a pop of color, this plant’s cone-like bloom is perfect for you.

Keep it… In a sunny window to produce many blooms, or in a slightly shaded area to produce thicker leaves

Water it… When the when the soil is nearly dry. Bromeliads prefer humidity, so occasional misting is a good idea, too.

indoor plants easy

3. Snake Plants 

Here’s another plant I’m currently crushing on. The wavy, tentacle-like foliage of this tolerant houseplant is always a convo starter and I love how tall it gets! The sparse watering schedule is a plus, too!

Keep it… In indirect sunlight.

Water it… only when very dry. Once a week works well for mine!


4. Pothos 

This undemanding plant’s cascading leaves make for such an eye-catching display. My favorite spot to display these little beauties is where their heart-shaped tendrils can drape, such as on a windowsill or mantle. The bathroom is also a great place to put it – Pothos appreciates relatively low light.

Keep it… In an office or slightly dim room, like a bathroom. (Keep out of reach of pets and children, though, as it can be toxic if ingested!)

Water it… Only when the soil is fully dry.


5. Aloe

Not only is aloe pretty difficult to kill, it’s also incredibly useful to keep on hand. The double-duty plant’s spiny appearance is gorgeous, and its first aid properties are great for burns, cuts, and other minor wounds. You can even eat the stuff in smoothies and juices.

Keep it… In indirect sunlight, like in the kitchen or on a shelf of some sort.

Water it… Only when the soil is almost completely dry. Water even less in the winter.


6. Chinese Evergreen

For shrubbery that thrives in low light AND looks like a million bucks, look no further than this stunning houseplant. The leathery leaves are variegated in shades of white, mint green and silver. Pick a leaf pattern you love, and watch this baby grow!

Keep it… Anywhere with indirect sunlight or low light. This plant can handle it all!

Water it… When the soil is almost fully dry.


7. Parlor Palms

I love this one because its size makes it such a nice focal point. At about 4 feet tall, this gentle giant adds a decidedly tropical feel to any space, and with its no-fuss light requirements, it doesn’t need much attention. As an added bonus, this plant is a known air purifier.

Keep it… Anywhere the sun won’t bake it.

Water it… Freely when the weather is warmer, and less often in the winter. Parlor Palms prefer moist (not soggy!) soil.

Good luck with your easygoing plants! May we continue to just let our plants ~do their own thing~ without any altruistic yet destructive interference.

Have a favorite low-maintenance plant? Share in the comments!


I love having a trusty arsenal of tricks when I get in the kitchen.

To be honest, most of what I know about cooking, food storage and technique comes from a combination of trial and error, and my allegiance to Martha Stewart and countless other all-knowing doyennes of daytime TV.

The rest of my culinary know-how comes from afternoons spent in my grandma’s humid kitchen, baking lemon pound cakes, frying okra, and peeling pears from my papa’s gardens and groves.

These experiences, along with my own work as a recipe developer, have been invaluable. I’ve cobbled together a list of tried-and-true tips I’ve learn from these varied sources, and I hope you’ll find them as helpful as I have!


1. Put lavender oil or honey on your burns. The lavender oil prevents scarring, and the honey helps relieve the pain.

2. Soften butter quickly by putting it on a sunny windowsill. Or in your pockets, like my grandma did! (It probably sounds gross, but it was so endearing!)

3. Microwave lemons and limes if they become hard. Just because they’ve gotten super firm doesn’t mean they’ve gone bad! 10-15 seconds or so in the microwave will bring them back to life.

4. When baking, make sure all of your ingredients are room temperature. This includes eggs, butter, milk, everything! This allows for even baking.

5. Don’t salt your meat or marinade until it’s cooked. Unless you like it dry!

6. Store root veggies in brown paper sacks, not the plastic or net bags they come in. Plastic bags encourage mildew, but paper bags absorb moisture. And keep them out of the sun!

7. Don’t throw out your crystallized honey. Store it in a warm, sunny place and it will return to its liquid state. Honey never spoils.

8. Freeze your ginger. It makes it WAY easier to grate, plus it’ll last longer.

9. Never store your herbs and spices above the stove. The heat causes them to lose their flavor way more quickly.

10. After handling garlic, rub your hands on stainless steel. It works like a charm to remove the powerful smell!

Do you have any words of kitchen wisdom? I’m dying to know! Share them in the comments below.