4 Tips For Hosting A Tea Party On A Budget


When it comes to throwing any sort of shindig, the expectations are often incredibly high.
Truthfully, though, there’s no need to go broke or crazy while planning your soiree. With a few thoughtful touches and a little resourcefulness, you can throw the sweetest tea party to celebrate an engagement or birthday without completely losing it.


1. Stay on-theme

As with most things, staying consistent is half the battle. Keeping your party’s theme and color scheme in mind goes a long way to keep things visually cohesive. For a proper tea party, think micro floral patterns, lace, pearls and gold. Bring the aesthetic down to earth with moss, wood and pops of greenery.


2. Upcycle. upcycle, upcycle

Use rustic elements to balance the prim atmosphere of a dainty tea party. And what’s more rustic than a piece of reclaimed wood? For sweet signs at your party, simply saw raw wooden planks into pieces, then write directly on them with golden paint pens and nail the signs to a fence post. Mix and match tea cups from a thrift shop, and use the money you saved to make a big batch of this easy Grapefruit and Rosemary Gin Punch!


3. Think small

Don’t fret – no one is expecting to be fed a full meal at a tea party! Finger foods are choice and typically cost less, too. Wrangle your closest friends to help you whip together tiny hors d’oeuvres like mini cucumber sandwiches, spinach balls, guac and blue chips, and a cheese tray. Choose golden chargers and platters, scatter plastic gems and pearls across the table and arrange some faux greenery to bump up the classy factor of your spread.


4. Take it outside

You don’t need a garden or even an immaculate lawn to take advantage of the great outdoors for your fête. Bring out some chairs, cover the patio table with a simple cloth, and string up homemade garland in lieu of lights. Your guests will thank you later for the natural light in their Instagram photos!

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